Discretionary Technical Assistance (DTA) for SBIR/STTR proposers

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Discretionary Technical Assistance


DTA stands for Discretionary Technical Assistance. This is extra help for SBIR/STTR awardees paid for by the federal government. Most, but not all agencies do provide DTA either in Phase I or Phase II. DTA is provided in one of two ways: (1) the agency may select a vendor to provide the assistance to all awardees – usually commercialization assistance or (2) the small business may select a vendor of its own choosing. In order for the company to select its own vendor – it must include a request to do so at the time that they submit their proposal/application, following the guidelines provided by the agency

The amount of funding available for DTA is currently in transition for both Phase I and Phase II. Please consult open solicitations using the phrase “Discretionary Technical Assistance” to find the guidelines. What is important to know is that DTA funds are IN ADDITION to the funding for your grant or contract and do not minimize the size of your technical award.

Is it DTA or TABA??